Professional drone operator training software
using the most realistic simulator conditions
to recreate a natural flying experience

Huge number of training scenarios

The life-like environment is compatible with the ability to solve real problems of industries and professions- building a relief map, estimating crop volumes, fields monitoring and calculating the ndvi index

Drones from different brands

All training scenarios will be possible to pass
on devices of different brands

Various payloads

Experience the surroundings with the ability to perform and complete missions using different payloads such as laser scanner, thermal imager, digital camera and many others in a real drone piloting skill.

Two control modes

The training simulator module offers a manual control mode and the possibility of creation different automatic flight missions.

Photorealistic graphics

The simulation of the environment, provides realistic joy as if you are flying a drone in real-life conditions

Testing Abnormal Situations

The drone simulator allows a risk-free possibility of training in emergency situations and specific workflows, associated with obstacles, gusts of wind, battery discharge, loss of covering, problem with navigation, etc.


Simulator Drone supported

The basic line is the DJI drones, however, in 2023 there
will be an expansion of the brands and types of devices will
be supported for various global manufacturers

Applications and aspects the simulator for

The first basic segment is agriculture, in 2023
it is planned to expand areas by industry — construction,
cartography, logistics, forestry and timber industry, etc.

Planned license cost

The license cost of UAVProf Simulator standard
Edition is planned for $50.

Simulator development stage

UAVProf Simulator is in testing phase, the drone simulator
release is scheduled for December 2022

Apply now for pre-order

Take a short survey, ask questions and apply for
a trial version of UAVprof simulator.
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UAVPROF Drone Simulator
First training scenario
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UAVPROF STEAM Accreditation
STEAM Accreditation
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Drone simulator Description
Drone simulator Description
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