Drone simulator Description

UAVPROF SIMULATOR will allow you to study the main stages, methods and rules for compiling a flight drones program, as well as mastering the basic skills of planning, preparing and performing flights on a remotely piloted unmanned aerial vehicle.

The simulator will have a graphical interface for visualizing the operation of UAVs, provides the formation and visualization of an engineering drone model and the surrounding space with the possibility of changing their parameters. In addition, the Simulator will have the ability to simulate a wide range of on-board sensors and payloads (including modeling the received data), drone controls and dynamics, surrounding objects (the user will be able to upload his own models of objects and spaces for flight if necessary).

The simulator will consider the peculiarities of drone dynamics and functional operation, the interaction between the drone, the environment and surrounding objects, which will further expand the functionality for teaching full cycles of aerial work. Programming interfaces will be able to connect training modules from third-party developers, which will simultaneously extend functionality in various thematic areas. For example, adding interface with video stream training and simulating programs, will allow to implement the functionality of teaching cinema and photography using drones, and by adding interface with data processing programs from a laser scanner or lidar, it will be possible to implement the functionality of teaching land and cadastral work using drone simulator.

The simulator will support manual control of the vehicle using a control panel, as well as remote piloting mode using the operator’s virtual ground station. The flexible architecture will make it possible to connect the simulator using real control panels from various manufacturers, including ground-based planning and flight control software.


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UAVPROF Drone Simulator
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UAVPROF STEAM Accreditation
STEAM Accreditation
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Drone simulator Description
Drone simulator Description
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